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  • Re-imaging FOUND, part two
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    Mary Cambruzzi

Re-imaging FOUND, part two


If you stop by on a regular basis, you may have noticed that I haven't actually been at the shop much lately... Although I'm working full time behinds the scenes, I've also taken time the last few months to do a bit of traveling and recharge as we look at what the future holds for FOUND. In January, my trusty assistant (Sylvia) and I took the 2-day ZingTrain business visioning workshop - Creating a Vision of Greatness. In addition to flavorful food and great customer service, Zingerman's knows a thing or two about business visioning. It was a very insightful experience. We think FOUND has always been pretty great in it's own way, but the long hours and demands of building a financially viable retail business began to take the shop in a direction that isn't quite the store I want to own. This seminar provided a structured way to put into writing a five year vision for FOUND that we can get excited about again. Over the next year, you'll see changes that take us along a path that emphasizes more vintage and handcrafted products with a story behind them. In addition to creating a vision for FOUND 2020, I paused to write a one year personal vision to a more balanced, sustainable life. It's no secret that I often work all day, then stay up half the night to do book work and restock the store. Not a healthy lifestyle.  2015 is the year where I am learning to step back from the business to recharge. The key to my 12 month personal vision was realizing that although I own a busy store, I now have a terrific team in place. It's a relief to realize that after 10 very busy years of building the business, I can pause to organize my home, address health concerns, renew relationships and take some amazing trips.  By the end of this year, work and life will be more balanced - and I will be more energized.


This statue called The Women of Wailea by Ken Shutt expresses how I felt in March when I joined my son and daughter in Maui. It was my first trip to Hawaii. But not my last!


On our final night of vacation, the sky filled with color as the sun slipped into the sea. Two months later, after a wonderfully busy Saturday at FOUND, I can hear the sounds of the surf as I write this. But I'm not just dreaming of a more balanced life style, 2015 is the year it's becoming a reality!


  • Post author
    Mary Cambruzzi

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  • Jul 03, 2015

    Mary, I love your store! I would just like to encourage you to continue to take care of yourself and I’m excited about your new vision for your store and wish you all the best!

    (your vintage Christmas supplier)

    — Mary Roche

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