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Torno BoatWorks Handcrafted Canoe PopUP

Torno BoatWorks Handcrafted Canoe PopUP

Torno Boatworks Handcrafted Canoe Show: Sept. 1 - Oct. 2nd.

Canoes for sale at Found?? Kinda didn't make sense to us either - until we met Randall Torno, an engineer, outdoor enthusiast and designer-builder. We listened to the fascinating story of how Torno Boatworks came to be, and visited the Ann Arbor workshop where he handcrafts the lightweight artisan canoes and paddleboards that are beautiful and functional.

As someone who has portaged 130 pound aluminum canoes over rocks, I was amazed to easily lift a 12 foot solo canoe with one hand - it weighs a mere 25 pounds!

We were so impressed, we decided to showcase Torno Boatworks during the month of September. You'll find a great display of handcrafted, lightweight wooden Canoes and even a stand-up Paddle Boards during the show.

In addition, on Sunday, September 11 and 26th, Randall will be available from 11-3:00 at the shop. Learn about the design and building process which makes the experience of paddling in a Torno canoe effortless. It draws on his  years of experience as a process engineer and wood model maker for Ford, then designing industrial equipment for International Engineering Solutions, while building airplanes and boats in his spare time!  

Please check out the Torno Boatworks website for specs - and stop by Found to see and touch them in person!