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Ceramics & Clorox & COVID19

On March 17th, the day after Found closed to slow the spread of Coronavirus, our artist friend Katie Bramlage dropped off this amazing group of handcrafted ceramic bowls - and a big container of Clorox wipes! Katie's delivery was a symbol of things we aspire to during this uncertain time - hope for the future, keeping safe and a deep awareness of our interconnectedness.    continue reading....

Topsy Turvy Times

Things are a bit topsy-turvy right now and it made sense to close Found for a bit, starting on March 16th. As the Coronavirus pandemic spreads through our country, we encourage you to stay home and #flattenthecurve. Hope to see you when the flowers bloom in the courtyard!

Talisman Workshop with Katie Bramlage

Talisman Workshop with artist Katie Bramlage Thursday, April 11, 2019. 6:30-9:00pm An evening of meditative play with artist Katie Bramlage of Make.Do.Studio. In Katie's words: Talismans are objects said to have magic powers and to bring good luck. I like to think of them as "guardians of the good vibes" and protectors... continue reading


FORESHADOWING with Photographer Jane Kramer

Botanical Art Show through March 19th

Found is pleased to present a fascinating collection of botanical art by Michigan photographer Jane Kramer. For her "Foreshadowing" project, Jane photographs the shadows of endangered plant species and transfers the images onto paper she makes from invasive plant species... Read more.

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