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A HOME inspired fall day itinerary

You'll find a full day of activities for an autumn day with a "home" inspired theme in this post from the Reinhart Realtors Blog, from breakfast to evening entertainment. It includes a 10:30am stop at Found!

From the Reinhart blog:

Occupying an anchor spot on the ground floor of Kerrytown Market & Shops, FOUND is a creatively curated shop featuring work by local artists and makers, along with a collection of jewelry, gifts and home decor. You’ll find a bit of “found” vintage items along with eclectic brand new pieces, hand-selected by owner Mary Cambruzzi. Both online and in person, you can shop from a wide variety of items, including pillows, rugs, throws, textiles, candles, mugs, pots and planters, bath and body products, and much more. This is one of our favorite home decor stores in Ann Arbor because of their emphasis on local makers — and the possibility of finding a one-of-a-kind artisan piece no one else has!

 Here's the link to the whole post:


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September Shake Up

September Shake Up
Almost a year after the expansion, reaction to Found's new card section has been fantastic! So much so, that we've decided to do a September Shake Up to make room for more of the things you've told us you love.What that means is that we're paring down how much upholstered furniture is on the floor. Time for big savings! By mid-October, you'll find new displays with more cards, prints, boxed stationary, artsy supplies, photo frames, notebooks and gift wrap. An expanded selection of... Continue reading

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend
Friday, September 2, 2022

Our team has really enjoyed welcoming students to Ann Arbor over the past week! Especially popular have been prints, stickers, tote bags and pots for their new succulents and houseplants from the Farmers Market.

The "Bigger than a Yardstick" special continues through Labor Day. With that, you'll get 15% off any items with a dimension bigger than 36 inches. All the obvious BIG things like furniture and rugs are on sale, but also check out the cork purses with long straps, a dozen styles of throw blankets, Stefanie Wolf glass bead necklaces, and even little lamps have cords that are longer than a yardstick.

SPECIAL HOURS this weekend:

FRIDAY evening, Found will be open 'til 8:00 pm, for late shopping. Looks like there will be nice prop the doors open and welcome you in!

SATURDAY. Open 9-7. Stop by the Farmer's Market and Kerrytown before the noon kick-off, or come during the game, to enjoy the hours when everything in this end of town is quiet and easy to navigate.

SUNDAY. Open 11-6. Free Parking. And the Sunday Artisan Market in the Farmers Market Stalls. A good day to check out the Kerrytown District!

LABOR DAY. Open 11-4:00 only. LAST CHANCE for the Yardstick 15% off Special. Many of our neighbors will be closed, but we find this to be a fun day to be open for a bit, and see who pops by to say hello.

Have a terrific weekend!

PS my email program is buggy this week and I couldn't upload new images for this newsletter. Head on over to today's facebook page or instagram to see images, or better yet, just come on in!
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Lots of Pots Sale at Found

Time for a LOTS OF POTS Sale at Found!
Need one pot?         Get 10% off
2 planters or pots   20% off both
3 planters or pots   30% off all three

Need 4 or more? 40% off all of them!

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Arbor Day - April 30, 2021

By Katy Trame, Team Found.

The owner of Found has memories of planting trees on Arbor Day as a child and of her Grandpa Berg grafting a tree in their backyard with five different kinds of apples -  on one tree! With Arbor Day approaching, living in a place nicknamed “Tree Town'', and that memory from Mary, got us thinking about the origins of Ann Arbor and this annual celebration.  

Back in January of 1824, John Allen and Elisha Walker Rumsey founded what we know as Ann Arbor. Figuring out a name for what would eventually become a beautiful college campus and one of the best cities, they took to love and nature for inspiration. Coincidentally, both of their wives names were Ann, so naturally they had to pay homage to that, bringing us the “Ann” of “Ann Arbor.” To this day, Ann Arbor lives up to its name, with the nickname of “Tree Town” given to the city.


One of the most loved parts about Ann Arbor is all of the lovely parks and nature that surround the city. One can go for a walk through Kerrytown to shop, then shortly after go to the river and feel isolated from the city. Some of the best activities to do in Ann Arbor have to do with getting closer to the trees, like walking through the Arb or going through a bike trail.


It’s no surprise that Arbor Day would be loved and celebrated here. Arbor Day, much like Earth day, celebrates nature. It’s purpose is to encourage people to plant trees, and traditionally many communities and schools get involved in this to organize tree planting, often to honor the memory of a loved one. The city of Ann Arbor is celebrating Arbor Day this year by giving away free trees to residents to plant on private property from April 30 to May 2. There was such high demand that all of this year’s trees are spoken for, but it’s the perfect weekend to visit a local nursery and find a new tree for your yard. Find more ways to celebrate Arbor Day at

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A different kind of April Flowers


April 28, 2021.

Through a springtime mix of Michigan weather that included sun, rain, sleet,and even some snow, colorful, happy blooms appeared at Found! As part of Ann Arbor's annual FoolMoon celebration in early April, we chose a garden theme that brought smiles to those who visited the area all month long. Our featured artists were Olivia Guterson @midnightolive, and our very own Fiona Thursby and Michael Smothers.

If you aren't familiar with with "FoolMoon", it's a light-filled event on a Friday near April Fools day, organized by a local arts non-profit called WonderFool Productions. Next year, we hope the companion FestiFools event returns. Read all about these two events and Ypsilanti's YpsiGlow, and photos on the WonderFool website.

As we prepared for FoolMoon, photographer Leisa Thompson documented it with the photos I'm sharing below:

Olivia at Midnight Olive created three huge luminescent window murals that will be up through late May. We were thrilled that she decided to work with us this year. I've always felt that the energy of the artists we work with contributes to the energy in the shop, and the positivity and calm that Olivia carries with her is inspiring. Her sweet, little curious baby was an added delight on installation day.


Another aspect of Olivia's installation were fourteen handcrafted Lumenality Studio  lanterns, created in collaboration with @Laura_Earl_Design. Stop by to see the ones we still have for sale. Inspired by the intersection of curiosity and hope, these lanterns and glowing patterns are an invitation to experience the presence of light as a source of inspiration, peace, and wonder. 


We all LOVED the design that Fiona Thursby came up with for a special sidewalk mural outside our windows. Inspired by the Kerrytown Market & Shops logo, she used bold colored sidewalk chalk to add these happy blooms!


We learned from Jen at Unicorn Feed & Supply in Ypsilanti, that brushing MILK over sidewalk chalk makes it hold up to rain (and snow). She was right!  Fiona started testing it out right before a huge downpour. And worked though all kinds of weather to complete this large scale work of "street art". All month long, folks have using it as a photo backdrop!


A Moon Garden in the Kerrytown Courtyard was filled with giant blooms and lighted mushrooms, crafted by Michael Smothers of Found. He's been creating whimsical luminaries for several years and this year went all out!



On FoolMoon night, illumination and black lights made it extra special.


Thanks to all the folks at WonderFool Productions for giving us the opportunity to be a part of this extraordinary, light-filled community event!

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Under the Radar Michigan FoolMoon 2021

WonderFool Productions' Jennifer Goulet and Found owner Mary Cambruzzi  welcome Tom Daldin and Jim Edelman of Under the Radar Michigan to discuss Ann Arbor's FoolMoon 2021 celebration planned for April 9th.

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COUPON: Make Your Own Sale Day!

COUPON: Make Your Own Sale Day!

In normal times, our annual Holiday Open House, plus Midnight Madness/ Kerrytown KindleFest, drew large crowds of festive shoppers enjoying the merriment of the season. Not advisable this year.... so instead of those two big crazy days of holiday savings, we offer this special 20% off "Make Your Own Sale Day" coupon to use any one day of your choice this month, in person or online...

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FOUND's owner Mary Cambruzzi Featured in Buy Nearby

FOUND's owner Mary Cambruzzi Featured in Buy Nearby

Article Excerpt:

We’re navigating through it.”

Those were the first words from Mary Cambruzzi after we hadn’t spoken in a few months – unprecedented months for retail in Michigan. FOUND was set to be the April Retailer magazine’s “In Her Own Words” feature. And then retail shut down.

FOUND opened 15 years ago in the Kerrytown district of Ann Arbor. When you visit you’ll find an array of hand-chosen gifts selected by store owner Mary Cambruzzi. She constantly hunts for items that have character and tell a story. Pre-pandemic, it was a store that thrived on people touching the fabric of a pillow or picking up a piece of pottery. Once COVID hit, she had to adapt quickly and often.

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