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Vintage Summertime Projects

mag.popular.home DIY is definitely not a new thing.  Case in point - I found some vintage HOMECRAFT magazines from the late 1930's through the 1950's at an estate sale last week.  I bought the whole stack and took them to FOUND.  It's fascinating what this home workshop magazine includes in the "build it yourself" category.  I didn't have a chance to read them all yet, but focusing on summertime this Memorial Day weekend, there are water fun and camping projects galore.   Along with tame plans to build a cobblers bench and instructions on how to install linoleum, one issue also gives complete instructions to build a trailer to tow your speed boat! mag.boat In another issue, you can learn how to build a honeymoon house trailer.  The complete cost in 1939 was $60.  It's big enough to hold a standard mattress and be towed behind a car.  It would sure be fun to see one of these in the campground this summer! mag.trailer And speaking of summer fun, another issue shows the steps to make your own water skis.  And still another has plans for a sailboat. mag.sailboat For the less adventurous home workshop builder, projects like globe stands and planter lamps are included. I'd rather have a sailing kayak or some homemade water skis. Now that I think of it, the old water skis I learned on may have been made by someone who subscribed to this magazine.  Right now, we  have about 3 dozen different  issues of HomeCraft at the shop.   Pick some up and build something great this summer!     Craft