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Bottelabra: ReUse those Wine Bottles!

Have you ever purchased a bottle of wine based on the label artwork?  Me, too. One of my recent favorites is called Educated Guess and the front is covered with scientific formulas.  The back describes how choosing a wine is an educated guess, as is making great wine. I bought it from a little wine shop is in our building - everyday wines - where the owner and staff are terrific.  Here's how good they are.  Not long ago, with salt & pepper potato chips and a turkey wrap from Sparrow Market in one hand, and a bottle of Merlot in the other, I asked whether that wine would go well with turkey and chips.  I was joking.  Sort of.  Without missing a beat, a different variety that would be a better pairing was recommended.  And a pleasant evening of restocking FOUND followed. bottleabra I bought my first bottle of Educated Guess  for the label.  The second because it's a really nice Cabernet.  It seemed a shame to toss the empty bottle into the recycling bin.  I've heard of people who soak the labels off and save them in an album or frame them, but that's not for me.  Too much work.   Here's an easy and fun way to reuse your favorite bottles: Turn it into a candle holder!  The Bottelabra (as in candelabra in a bottle) is a more refined version of the old college stick-a-drippy-candle-in-a-bottle method.  They are probably a little safer, too.  Two rubber rings around the base hold it securely in the bottle.  For outdoor use, you might want to fill the bottle with some water or pebbles for added stability. bottleabra.pkg.long Elegant enough for wedding receptions, and casual enough for the patio.  At just $12.50 each, they are great to give as a gift with a special bottle of wine.  They also work in antique bottles with similar size openings.  Bottelabras are in stock at FOUND.  If you'd like one shipped, call the shop at 734-302-3060 during business hours and we'd be happy to make that happen.  But you'll have to provide your own bottle of wine! bottleabra.all