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More vintage ephemera at FOUND

  You all know that I love vintage children's school books. Last week I found a couple of little Chinese readers. The images are so sweet. I found a great 1920's menswear style portfolio from a Chicago tailor shop - these oversize fashion posters would be terrific framed. There are 20 in the collection, priced from $18-$28 each.  One features knickers and a wool jacket for golfing. If you're looking for some small ephemera to make cards out of, we recently added a bunch of old Popeye & Olive Oyl playing cards.  Playing cards often feature images that lend themselves well to repurposing for paper arts.  Check out our selection next time you're in the shop. From a time when quill pens and beautiful script was the norm in business. Palmer Method of Business Writing.  Actually, even when I was in school, Palmer Method for schools was the standard for learning to print, and for the big move to cursive writing in third grade.  Lots more vintage ephemera at FOUND!