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Latest vintage finds

 I've been scrambling to bring more vintage stuff into the shop. Found clock and watch parts on my recent trip.  These are great to breakdown and use for steampunk jewelry and assemblage projects. If you have fairies that inhabit the nooks and crannies of your home, here is a bit of furniture for your tiny friends. I love children's china tea sets.  While I wasn't able to find complete sets this time, I did find dozens of little pieces.  They are great in shadow boxes, or to hold jewelry, or to have a tea party with!   Whenever I find them, I like to pick up linen days of the week towels.  I found a full set, plus a few extras. We've refilled the button jar - $3 for 1/4 cup scoop. Need a handkerchief? These vintage ones might do the job. And that's just a bit of what's new at FOUND this week.