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Lots of Pots Sale at Found

Oct. 14, 2021.  Whoa...the supply chain for planters and pots we placed orders for over the past 8 months SUDDENLY opened up! And we're flooded with large quantities of some favorite back-ordered styles.

Time for a LOTS OF POTS Sale at Found!
Need one pot?         Get 10% off
2 planters or pots   20% off both
3 planters or pots   30% off all three

Need 4 or more? 40% off all of them!

This includes all styles of planters, pots, and vases, EXCEPT the handmade ones from our artist friends. Most are just right for small or medium plants. Still waiting on the big guys. Lots of Pots special runs through this Sunday, Oct. 17th, in store only.