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Ceramics & Clorox & COVID19

Ceramics & Clorox & COVID19

On March 17th, the day after Found closed to slow the spread of Coronavirus, our artist friend Katie Bramlage dropped off this amazing group of lovely, handcrafted ceramic bowls - AND a big container of Clorox wipes!

Katie's delivery was a symbol of things we aspire to during this uncertain time - hope for the future, keeping safe and a deep awareness of our interconnectedness.

Here are some quick things to share with you:

  • Michael is keeping safe, working from his plant filled apartment, taking amazing photos of products, listing items for sale on our website, and posting on @foundgallery instagram page.
  • Found is CLOSED, but we're still shipping almost daily. If you want something that is not yet on the website, you can email, or send Michael an instagram message.
  • We're okay. But there are folks in your family and community who really need your support. Find them. And help them if you can.

That's it for now. Take care of each other. In the space of this relative calm before the storm, practice kindness and gratitude. And find things that make you belly-laugh til you cry - it's good for your lungs, we hear!

Warm regards,  Mary and Team Found