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A different kind of April Flowers


April 28, 2021.

Through a springtime mix of Michigan weather that included sun, rain, sleet,and even some snow, colorful, happy blooms appeared at Found! As part of Ann Arbor's annual FoolMoon celebration in early April, we chose a garden theme that brought smiles to those who visited the area all month long. Our featured artists were Olivia Guterson @midnightolive, and our very own Fiona Thursby and Michael Smothers.

If you aren't familiar with with "FoolMoon", it's a light-filled event on a Friday near April Fools day, organized by a local arts non-profit called WonderFool Productions. Next year, we hope the companion FestiFools event returns. Read all about these two events and Ypsilanti's YpsiGlow, and photos on the WonderFool website.

As we prepared for FoolMoon, photographer Leisa Thompson documented it with the photos I'm sharing below:

Olivia at Midnight Olive created three huge luminescent window murals that will be up through late May. We were thrilled that she decided to work with us this year. I've always felt that the energy of the artists we work with contributes to the energy in the shop, and the positivity and calm that Olivia carries with her is inspiring. Her sweet, little curious baby was an added delight on installation day.


Another aspect of Olivia's installation were fourteen handcrafted Lumenality Studio  lanterns, created in collaboration with @Laura_Earl_Design. Stop by to see the ones we still have for sale. Inspired by the intersection of curiosity and hope, these lanterns and glowing patterns are an invitation to experience the presence of light as a source of inspiration, peace, and wonder. 


We all LOVED the design that Fiona Thursby came up with for a special sidewalk mural outside our windows. Inspired by the Kerrytown Market & Shops logo, she used bold colored sidewalk chalk to add these happy blooms!


We learned from Jen at Unicorn Feed & Supply in Ypsilanti, that brushing MILK over sidewalk chalk makes it hold up to rain (and snow). She was right!  Fiona started testing it out right before a huge downpour. And worked though all kinds of weather to complete this large scale work of "street art". All month long, folks have using it as a photo backdrop!


A Moon Garden in the Kerrytown Courtyard was filled with giant blooms and lighted mushrooms, crafted by Michael Smothers of Found. He's been creating whimsical luminaries for several years and this year went all out!



On FoolMoon night, illumination and black lights made it extra special.


Thanks to all the folks at WonderFool Productions for giving us the opportunity to be a part of this extraordinary, light-filled community event!