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found: an unexpected collection

Found: an unexpected collection. That pretty much sums up what our shop is about. You never know what you'll find. Or how common things will be re-imagined as something entirely unexpected.

We have a selection of old cameras as FOUND. Imagine how happy we were to find someone making cufflinks from recycled film cans, and using film canisters as packaging.

We also found an artist who is screen printing images of cameras onto glass bowls and small plates for a great little gift.

Old bed springs are interesting graphically. In our new location, there's room to bring in things like this. Besides looking great as an unusual piece of wall art or to use in a tablescape, think differently...and ceiling fixtures may emerge.

Throughout FOUND, there are lots of little surprises. Angels made from discarded silverware, rusty industrial workbenches cleaned up to display jewelry, urban salvage turned into picture frames & tables, zippers transformed into brooches and earrings, vintage clipboards serving as picture "frames", old electronic tubes made into robots. It changes all the time, but one thing that you can always count on is that you'll always find an unexpected collection at FOUND.