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Inspiration: Yellow Lake House


I pull up to a yellow parking meter by the woods, but time stands still for an afternoon at the yellow lake house. This is the place where our family has gathered in the summertime for almost 40 years. 

The yellow house at the lake is full of surprises. A giraffe lives beside a tree, you can sit in a big red hand, a mannequin named Josephine joins every party, and bowling ball characters peak out of the day lily patch. When I arrived, a 4th grader was painting the toes of an elephant. It's just that kind of place.

A few weeks ago, about a hundred of us got together again. Kids jumping in the lake, babies in the sand, shenanigans under a tent, too much food and joining hands to give thanks and remember what's important. So much fun and laughter that I forgot to get my camera out.

So I took some pictures the next day.

In your imagination, Photoshop a hundred people onto the lawn above, and dozens of cousins into the image below...

And have a little chat with Josephine. (But she probably won't have much to say)

This is a place of inspiration for me. On the quiet days, I feel the presence of my dad and others who have gone before. A blue heron appears and reminds me to slow down.

Frogs are everywhere.

A tractor tire in the yard seems like a good idea.

And you can see where I get my affinity for rusty junk. 

The yellow house on the lake fills me with inspiration. I must return often.