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Counting on a great year of fun finds!

billiards In the midst of the frigid blast of cold and snow that hit us earlier this month, we were busy counting  inventory and tidying up the shop after a very busy holiday season.  Though it's obvious that I love filling the store with wonderful Christmas merchandise, I'm always relieved to clear it out and start fresh.  As the store empties out, there's room to think about new displays.  Mixing things up is fun.  I love that being a "finder" is a big part of my job. Last weekend, I found these great old billiard scoring beads at an estate sale. Today, I'll be searching  for Valentines and other vintage treasures, then off to the trade shows later this week to see what fun new things I can find. In retail, the slow pace of January is a perfect transition time.  It's a month to look back over the past year, get everything in order and plan for a fresh new year.  Here's to a 2014 filled with pleasant surprises!