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Vintage Cracker Jack Prizes

.cracker.jacks A toy surprise in every box!  Though the caramel coated popcorn and peanut treat was first introduced at the 1893 Colombian Exhibition World's Fair in Chicago in 1893, the name Cracker Jacks wasn't trademarked until several years later.  And it wasn't until 1912 that the infamous prizes began to be found in every box.  Early prizes such as baseball cards and metal toys are highly collectible today.  Today the brand is owned by Frito Lay and the prizes are not that exciting - with stickers and temporary tattoos being the most frequent surprise. Do you remember the excitement of  scarfing down the contents of the Cracker Jack box as a kid to get to the secret PRIZE at the bottom?  I don't actually remember the prizes, but the anticipation of some tiny terrific treasure that the box might hold made me want to save up my coins and take them to Della's store on Front Street to buy a box. Recently, I found a fun stack of vintage unopened Cracker Jack prizes in an antique show booth.  Can you guess what's inside? the package asks. Actually, though I wouldn't mind having some fresh Cracker Jacks to munch on right now,  I'm more charmed by the vintage packaging for the prize than by the prizes themselves.  The little envelopes feature jokes and riddles on the outside.  These nostalgic graphics and typography would lend themselves well for scrapbooking or altered art projects.  We have about 2 dozen vintage prizes in the shop right now.  The candy boxes (and the tasty treats) are long gone, but the memories that these prize packages bring back are delicious. So, can you guess what's inside?