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What's new at FOUND?

One of my favorite things about FOUND is the variety of merchandise that works with our concept of mixing old and new and handmade into one fun store.  This post features photos of some of our latest finds in each of those categories.  First up are these nutritional teaching aids from the late 1950's.  I love the vintage Fiesta style dishes.   Pick out your favorite food combos. Check out the nutritional stats on the back.  Interesting for recycled paper arts or just to hang on the fridge.  We have dozens available, but when they are gone, I don't know if I'll ever find them again. food.groups Here's a uique photo frame for the cottage - handcrafted from vintage water skis   The bindings are left on the back side to hold the frame upright.  How awesome is that for that photos at the lake? ski.frame.front   ski.frame.back If you're more into sailing than water skiing, then we have a couple vintage books with yachting instructions! book.yatch This toy lithographed tin blue & white tea set is in rough condition, but we still love it. bluewillow.childs I first saw these special little notebooks at Detroit Mercantile in the Eastern Market area.  Now we have them at FOUND, too (thanks,  Robert, for sharing your source).  Perfect for laying out your big ideas - and to note all the little steps to fulfill those schemes and dreams. notesbooks   notebook.plan Speaking of Detroit, Urban Ashes has a new "Detroit DeNailed" line of frames in which they collaborate with a non-profit group that deconstructs homes that were slated for demolition.  On Friday, June 21st at 6:30, come to Kerrytown to hear Paul M. Hickman tell the Urban Ashes story, including how Detroit DeNailed evolved.  The talk will be part of the first Art Showcase Art Walk Ann Arbor event.


If you have a dog, you might get a chuckle out of this magnet:

dog.magnet Here's a little vintage dog that you never need to let in and out. dog.guard dots.glasses Lots more to show you, but need to go.... more later!