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Urban Fairy Door update from Kerrytown

fairy.door.close Perhaps you've noticed that Urban Fairies have built a little workshop and garage in front of FOUND in Kerrytown.  Or perhaps you've walked by dozens of times and never even seen it.  Close to the floor is this 3 or 4 inch high entry door to the space where Ann Arbor fairies come to work and play (in the wee hours of the night when the rest of the building is all locked up).  The latest evidence appeared last week when a fairy sized typewriter appeared. fairy.door.long Here's a closer look. fairy.door.typewriter And an even closer look. fairy.typewriter.small I wonder which fairy knows how to write... as I understand it, most fairies are illiterate.  But could this be the beginning of a story or a fairy poem?  Is it a to do today list?  Or a letter to a friend?  Or just banging on the keys and getting them all stuck...  The tiny type is too small for me to decipher. fairy.typewriter.back Do you know about the Washtenaw Wanderers Fairy Door Walk on Sunday, May 5th?  Join them at the Michigan Union Sunday morning - click here for details.  We'll have cookies at FOUND during the Fairy Walk.  Or you can find a map on the Official Urban Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor website that you can explore as your convenience. fairy.ufo Mentos and Vernors and...bubble gum?!! fairy.piano What kind of music do you think urban fairies prefer? Or do they just pound on the keys? (that keyboard looks a bit rough for a fairy real pianist.... We'll have to have an expert on urban fairies come to the shop for a Q and A before too long. .

NOTE : this fairy workshop disappeared when Found moved in August of 2015. Evidence of fairies can be found at their new location, downstairs by the Kerrytown Courtyard.