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March 2013 at FOUND: Vintage dolls and toys

  mohair.tiger Went on a quick vintage buying trip for FOUND at the end of February.  Then March came in like the proverbial lion - with plenty of snow and ice in Ann Arbor.  Today was a sunshiny day, nice and cozy by the windows.  Cozy like this furry little mohair cub at the shop. We've been busy adding lots of older things to FOUND lately.  Here are some of my favorite finds.  The outfit on this vintage doll looks like she was a working girl or traveling in style - with her wool tweed jacket and felted hat, and red shoes to compliment the ensemble!  But she got pretty dirty along the way - wonder what adventures she had and where she's been.  Her owner clearly didn't leave her sitting on a shelf. doll.hat Here's a little purse she may have carried - or it could have been carried by the little girl that owned her.  It's fun to hang little coin purses in a grouping on the wall - or incorporate them into artful assemblages.  I don't mind that they are a bit rusty.  Do you? coin.purses These antique baby dolls definitely have "condition problems" - peeling skin, crazed composition, crazy hair, discoloration - but there's something about seeing them up on the shelf that makes me smile, knowing each was once some little girl's special dolly. dolls.3babies I found this bright eyed bisque doll and a bunch of odd doll parts, like extra legs and arms that could be used in projects.   dolls.littlechina Some antique dolls have glass eyes that are haunting.  This doll is composed of a variety of materials, with straw filled arms and legs that are disintegrating.... Tiddledy Winks? Tiddley Winks? Whatever you call it, the image on this box is wonderful.  And it come with bakelite "winks". tiddleywinks Other children's finds include a few trucks, doll suitcase, lots of lead soldiers, a group of mohair puppets, some antique ABC blocks and more.  Stop in soon to see what we've found!