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Candy Canes & Christmas

Candy Canes & Christmas just go together!  Not only are candy canes yummy, those bright striped colors  just make me smile.  Artist Sally Jean captured the joy of candy canes with her "candy cane fairyette" pendant: .sj.cane.necklace Hammond Candy Company in Denver has been making candy canes the old fashioned way for generations.  My personal favorites are the chocolate-filled peppermint canes.  This year we have pomagranate as well.  .canes Tuck a candy cane into a little stocking or felt ice skate for a cute little gift!  Peppermint soy candles with lip balm - made in Michigan. .soy.peppermint The candy cane red and white stipe motif is repeated on many Christmas decorations. .sparkle.pooinstetta .snowman .red.cone.orn Little red & white striped cones to tuck something into.  And striped gift bags to hold some mulling spices. .aspen.spices .candycanes.sparkle Enjoy the candy cane season while it lasts!