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Urban Fairy workshop

 fairydoor.little By now most you know that the front window at FOUND has been taken over by Urban Fairies who have turned it into their late night workshop (and garage).  Sometimes there is evidence that they have been pilfering supplies from FOUND - we don't scold them (cause they wouldn't listen anyway).  And besides, we kinda like that they like to hang around the shop at night when we're gone.  Sometimes weeks go by without any activity, but then there will be a flurry!  ***THIS week they decorated for the holidays and seem to be making jewelry or something.  Here's the evidence: fairydust In addition to what's inside the fairy door, there seems to be plenty of fairy dust in the windowsill.  hmmm.... fairycummutor This Friday, Dec. 21, we'll be open til 9 p.m.  for your shopping convenience.   We'll have cookies and a few (Fairy) Door Prizes.  Perhaps some fairies will be at their workshop that night.  You never know....  
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