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Dreaming of a white christmas

So far this December, we've only gotten a few flakes of snow in Ann Arbor.  Today was damp and 42 degrees.  Though it's not in the forecast, I wouldn't mind a bit of snow before Christmas.  In the meantime, we have snowflakes at FOUND. Snowball garland and 3-D snowflakes fill the back window. Another group of snowflakes is wrapped fibers and go well with soft neutrals and brushed metal. Deets (the Ann Arbor artist who makes our vacuum tube robots) made "Snowbots" with handmade scarves this year.  These ornaments remind me of old snowglobes. I don't remember when the last time I held an old snowglobe.  The tiny scenes in them were pretty magical - I think I'll try to find some for next year at the shop.  In the meantime, the memory of the softly falling snow in an antique globe can fill my head as I drift off to sleep.