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Tiny ornaments at FOUND

  Lots of people decorate miniature trees with tiny little ornaments.  We found many styles that work on a small Christmas tree (or as little gift tie-ons).  You could make little ornaments with bottle caps and a holiday pictue, or purchase the ones we have at FOUND! Mini sheep look great on this new "feather tree" that is available at FOUND.  In Victorian times, small Christmas trees were handcrafted using actual bird feathers, usually goose feathers.  I once found a blue antique feather trees - each feather had been dyed.  Speaking of miniatures - wouldn't this 1930's vintage doll house be fun to decorate for the holidays?  We have 2 nice wooden doll houses at FOUND right now if you're in the market to buy a house... I wonder if urban fairies might take up residence in a doll house... don't think so, but we do know that urban fairies HAVE set up a workshop and garage in the front window at FOUND.  And it's on the latest version of official Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor poster.  Have a good week.  And don't forget to look around for tiny things that bring a smile to your face!     .