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A touch of Autumn

  I've been traveling a lot the last couple months -  the transportation options illustrated on the antique child's easel are sweet images, but I'm thankful for modern air travel and my trusty van.  Between trips, we changed things up at FOUND, filling the shop with Fall colors.  Though I love summer, the Autumn palette is probably my favorite. Just a simple touch of orange or yellow can add a happy note to a room.  Like these fun striped balls or the yarn wrapped "candy corn" trees above. Just in is the new collection of tagua nut jewelry in fabulous fall shades. The texture of burlap works well as an Autumn accent.  How do you like this doorknob flower with burlap petals?  Now there's an idea for a fun fall project.  We have nice burlap runners and ribbons in stock.  They transition well into the holidays with a rustic theme.  Check out our latest selection of the Burlap Boutique bags made from recycled coffee bags. These metal birds are a great accent year round: Need some old bailing wire for a project?  We have some - wrapped around the barrel above.  Gotta look closely to see what we have for sale! There is more that I wanted to show in this post, but I just realized I didn't take photos of the fall decorative candles or potpourri or Halloween things before I left town this time....  I'll need to get my camera out when I return to Ann Arbor later this week.  I'm bringing back some interesting vintage treasures, too.         .