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Fairies in Kerrytown

I can't take my mind off fairies lately. There are many kinds of fairies, including woodland fairies, flower fairies and tree fairies.  Probably the most famous fairy is Tinkerbell. What has intrigued me lately are Urban Fairies. I've been checking out the Urban Fairies website and consulting with Jonathan Wright, an expert fairyologist (located in Ann Arbor, but consulted by the media worldwide) hoping to understand some odd additions to the bay window at my shop. We're both puzzled.  It appears that fairies are creating what will be a workshop or garage or headquarters or something.... What is strange is that while there is a little door in front, this project is HUGE and has what look like BIG barn or garage doors on the end. Fairies usually don't like big or exposed areas, preferring to protect their privacy... I've been aware of the presence of fairies in Kerrytown since I opened seven years ago. Some live in the clock bell tower and can be seen  flittering around the clock face if I leave the building late at night. I've seen evidence that they like to explore  at FOUND when no one is there - so sometimes I leave little trinkets for them in a jar by my desk. Here are a few photos. Who knows what's next??? Above: looks like a fairy door.   Below: does NOT look like a fairy door...   Below below: some stuff they left in the window.     So, what's going on???  I'll keep you posted, but in the meantime, let me know if you have any ideas. p.s. there is one vehicle associated with an urban fairy that uses an alternative fuel - Vernors