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FOUND is ready for Summer!

  FOUND is ready for summer!  Are you? Seems like people ease into a more casual style this time of year.  We've been gathering fresh finds at FOUND that are fun for summertime.  Here's a quick photo blog of some of our favorites. At the Third Sunday Market in Bloomington, Illinois, I found someone who was making flowers with antique doorknobs - of course I needed to bring some back to Ann Arbor!   Another artist at that show had flowers she made from corrigated tin from rusty sheds - all the small ones sold already - but we still have a few of these huge ones. Great on a garden fence or hung instead of a summer wreath.  Love these for casual rooms and cottages, as well.  This vintage sign proclaiming Air Conditioned was probably from a motel or cabins for vacationers.  In rough shape, but the red plastic letters are screwed on, so could be removed to repaint - but it makes me smile just the way it is.

Briwaxed this heavy duty, large capacity vintage red wheelbarrow and wheeled it into the shop.  Put a little display of sweet (okey-dokey) artichoke pillows in in, but it would be quite happy in someone's garden.  While you wait for your flowers to fill in, plant these in a row for instant color!  And add some candles to the garden stake votive holders to illuminate your party. Back by popular demand:  Great Lakes Pillows & Go Jump in the Lake signs!     Enjoy these lovely days & nights!