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Decorated Vintage Shovel Holiday idea

 Register to win a roll of Santa/Believe ribbon by posting a comment below.   Things in your garage can be transformed into holiday decorations with very little effort (or money).   For this project, we started with a rusty shovel, cleaned it up a bit clear Briwax -  then made a simple bow using inexpensive burlap ribbon and a cute Santa ribbon we carry at FOUND.  Some berries are wired behind the bow to give it a bit more interest.  What do you have in your garage that could become a holiday decoration?  Comment on this post for your chance to win a roll of the Santa ribbon!  Note: you won't see your comment immediately.  I needed to put in controls ie those crazy  words that are hard to decipher  as a roadblock to the nasty little trolls that roam the web.  I love it when real people comment though and will push the approve button when I go online to check. Regards, Mary