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What's in the shop now?

I haven't posted many photos lately - so here's a bit of what you'll find at FOUND right now: [caption id="attachment_333" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="Vintage Sault Ste-Marie pillow"][/caption]  And more of the A2 pillows - this time done up square instead of rectangle.  Avail in white or cream. Ann Arbor Pillow Some odd vintage things. Like these old dog license tags that were never used.  Just 25 cents each!  Fun to add to projects. vintage dog licenses  Tin cans that float, with fishing line and hooks.  Only a couple left. bobber tin cans I think this is to adjust your TV antenna - don't need to do that, but I think it looks cool anyway. vintage tv antenna rotor antique tools   Vintage PlayLearn Tricycle   toy bowling pins vintage alarm bell Once fruit was shipped through the mail in bushel baskets.  I think these lids would be cool hanging on a wall or as a background for collage. bushel basket lids vintage sap bucket and lamp frame vintage radiopticon More photos another night... We're prepping and bringing in fresh vintage finds almost every day.  And the UPS guy says hello on a very regular basis.  So stop by and see what's new at FOUND!