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A touch of Springtime at FOUND

A touch of Springtime at FOUND

Today March roared in like a lion, but Springtime is just around the corner. This month you'll find lots of bunnies at FOUND. And tulips so real looking, you'll want to touch them to make sure!

They come in bundles of 9 for $18. If you just need one or a few they are just $2 each. It won't be long til the crocus and daffodils and tulips are waking up after a long winters nap. In the meantime, these will make you smile!

It's fun to decorate with nests and create miniature scenes beneath cloches this time of year. 

Candles in lovely spring colors can instantly banish a bit of the winter blahs. And these Michigan made lambs remind us of how the month of March will soon be on it's way out.....