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Just Write! Book necklaces & handmade journals

Just Write! Book necklaces & handmade journals

Teeny tiny handmade journal necklaces by Peg & Awl are now at FOUND. These miniature journals are handcrafted from recycled leather & paper and hang from a thin copper necklace. Perfect for mini poems or tiny artwork or little notes. Made in Pittsburgh. 

Can't write or draw as small as a fairy can? For writing and drawing of a more typical size, we love these handcrafted leather journals by Christine Darragh, the artist behind Dark Oak Studios in Ann Arbor.

These one-of-a-kind books with beautiful covers, interesting bindings and high quality paper, make wonderful gifts - as we discovered with our first set of Christine's soft leather journals that went out of the shop before the holidays. They totally sold out in 4 weeks! 

We ordered more this time. Christine recently delivered more of the leather journals, plus a group with vintage modern paper designs on the covers.

Writing on a regular basis can change your life. Here's a good place to start.