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MONO Drawing Pencils

$ 1.75

MONO Drawing Pencils with top-of-the-line, ultra-refined graphite for impeccable lines. Say goodbye to smudging and hello to stunningly sharp and precise art, all with long-lasting, velvety writing.

  • Long lasting
  • Break-resistant
  • High quality

How do I sharpen my MONO Drawing Pencils? Always use a hand-held sharpener. The MONO Drawing Pencils are extra-refined, with high-density graphite that sharpens evenly without the worry of the lead breaking. Our tip for sharpening all pencils (graphite and colored) is to keep a small container handy for the pencil shavings, so you can draw or color anywhere.

What’s the best kind of paper to use with my drawing pencils? When practicing and making rough sketches, you can use any type of paper. However, if you’re making a detailed pencil drawing, it’s best to choose an archival paper for detailed drawings that will last and not turn yellow or become brittle over time. You can also get acid-free paper made from wood fibers, and other cellulose materials such as linen and bamboo.