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Natural notes give this lotion a refreshing scent. Luxuriously thick and long-lasting, this is the perfect solution for dry skin and chapped hands. Jojoba Esters and natural ingredients come together to make this non-greasy hand cream. Use as part of a daily ritual for clean, smooth skin. 

Made in America with essential oils and natural ingredients, Paraben and Sulfate free

Net Contents: 18 oz. 

  • Oat Milk - Oat proteins mixed with Aloe blended with dried milk solids.
  • Soy Milk - Soy extract - proteins, amino acids, and lipids in blended with dried milk solids.
  • Mint - Wild mint, Mandarin Orange with notes of fresh basil and tea leaves.
  • Black Honey - Black honey blended with premium plant extracts and Jojoba Esters.
  • Charcoal Rose - A blend of subtle charcoal and fresh rose.
  • Coconut - Limes and coconuts blended with natural plant extracts and Jojoba Esters.