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Kaweco Ice Sport Highlighter

$ 38.00

Featuring Kaweco's signature compact design, the Sport line has maintained its stylish functionality ever since its creation in 1911. The Kaweco slogan "Small in the pocket, great in the hand" is embodied by this fountain pen—it's compact when capped (4.1 inches long) but very comfortable when posted (5.2 inches long). Made in Germany, the pen features a high-quality plastic body and a metal Kaweco logo on the cap.

This pen combines bright highlighter ink with the refillable convenience of a fountain pen. It features a 1.9 mm steel nib to create bold highlights over important words and sentences. When the ink runs out, simply pop in a new cartridge to continue highlighting your notes.

  • One Kaweco Ice Sport fountain pen with a 1.9 mm steel nib.
  • Does not smudge pencil, ballpoint ink, laserjet ink, or inkjet ink. It also does not smudge water-based or gel inks when those inks are fully dry.
  • Screw-on cap.
  • Transparent body to view how much ink is left in the cartridge.
  • One yellow highlighter ink cartridge inside the pen body.
  • One box of six additional yellow highlighter ink cartridges.
  • Kaweco instruction manual and sticker.

Note: Fountain pen ink may bleed when used underneath this highlighter pen.