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Nicole Ray / SLOE GIN FIZZ

Nicole Ray is an artist and illustrator based in southeast Michigan. She graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York and Trinity College in Connecticut. Working mainly in illustration and print, Nicole has unique style of linework that she uses to create beautiful images inspired by the natural world for both her large-scale prints and stickers.

Nicole creates a line of whimsical art prints and paper goods infused with a playful sense of humor under the name Sloe Gin Fizz. Her daily rhythms are fueled by bottomless cups of coffee, towering stacks of books and ginger-filled dreams of savory and sweet. Nicole and her mister live in a log cabin on a lake with a border collie and a growing network of critter friends.

Found is happy to carry a wide variety of Sloe Gin Fizz prints, offered framed or by themselves, plus a series of squirrel stickers that give any laptop a friendly critter friend.