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Artists: Briana Feola & Jason Snyder / BRAINSTORM

Based in New Hampshire, printmakers Briana Feola and Jason Snyder built their own print studio to have a space where their artistic paths could cross. With the unique combination of their illustrative styles, as well as a dedication to capturing the joys of the natural world within the confines of their prints, Brainstorm’s work ranges from minimalist line designs to intricate and fantastical maps and floral prints.

While the work produced by the couple spans the boundaries of fine art, commercial prints, home goods, and even some collaborative art, Brainstorm’s primary focus is on giving back. Focusing generally on organizations that benefit the environment, education, and the national park system, they aim to raise awareness with their work. For each of their prints sold, a contribution is made toward an individual cause that correlates with that piece.

At FOUND, you’ll find Brainstorm prints from their space and science series. Planets, galaxies and star charts with silver ink on dark background are among our favorites.  And the earth science prints will brighten a room with colorful depictions of earth, atmosphere, oceans and space!