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Artist: Sarah Stanton / Oxidized Sterling Jewelry

Sarah Stanton is a proud Michigan native who found her love of craftsmanship and jewelry making in her father’s metal shop. Surrounded by a creative family, with a textile making mother and an artist sister, she was encouraged to refine her own artist techniques.

Focusing on texture-based jewelry work, Stanton makes sure that each piece of her jewelry has an architectural style to add character amid the duller hues of oxidized silver. Rarely a planner, Stanton enjoys starting a piece of silver and seeing where the metal takes her. This ensures that each of her pieces, while expertly crafted, are unique in some way.  Her necklaces are hand forged, pressed and formed using cobbler’s hammers and unusual textures from her collection of antique metal castoffs. 

We love the modern industrial style that results from oxidizing sterling silver. Sarah’s jewelry has been an Ann Arbor favorite since her Art Fair days. Her jewelry, plus the displays made in her dad’s metal shop drew us in - and made us realize we’d found a kindred spirit! At Found, you’ll always find a unique collection of earrings and necklaces handcrafted in her home studio.

Though Sarah takes great pride in her jewelry, her primary job is as the director of the local Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley. Dedicated to the cause, Stanton enjoys the creative aspect of working for a nonprofit, embracing ways she can use her talents for a greater good.