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Artist: John Pappas / 12 ACRE STUDIO

John Pappas, creator of the 12 Acre Studio, got his start in graphic design in early 80s, when commercial design was just starting to push its way into the digital field. A student at the time, John was working hands-on as a graphic designer, honing skills that would lead him to career doing work for advertising firms that helped him move into the digital age of graphic design.

In addition to his commercial graphic design work, plus original drawing and paintings, John enjoys creating artwork using methods from the past, interpreted in a unique way.  This includes greeting cards printed with a vintage Chandler Price letterpress. Hand feeding, inking, and setting his press, each of his cards are designed with great attention to detail.

Currently, Found offers a variety of 12 Acre Studio letterpress cards and unique stickers that range from cheeky to thought provoking.  John’s work is witty and uncanny - we are happy to welcome 12 Acre Studio to Found!