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Kaweco Aluminum Sport Fountain Pen

$ 88.00

Like written words, a pen also has a message: the Kaweco AL Sport fountain pen is elegant and self-assured - with every single stroke.

The AL Sport series made of high-quality aluminum offers the perfect combination of solid weight and fine feel.

This pocket fountain pen has a closed size of only 10.5 (About 4 inches) cm and can therefore easily be carried in the pocket. With the cap on, The pen grows to a size of 13 cm (Just over 5 inches).

 Due to its small size and low weight, it is ideal for on the go.

  • Made in Germany
  • Aluminum 
  • Fine Tip nib
  • Comes with 1 Royal Blue standard ink cartridge 
Please note, that the raw material used in the writing instruments made of metal is untreated and may develop blemishes and other impurities if they come in contact with oils, silicon and grease. To reduce wear and tear of any sort, please keep sensitive parts of your writing instrument clean and dry.