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Stone Paper Sketchpad

$ 32.00

Unlike any other sketchbook! This medium-sized, top-flip, perforated Stone Paper Sketchpad is designed for versatile artists exploring wet and dry mediums. Its unique stone paper sheets are 200 micron thick (equiv. 240 gsm) and waterproof, guaranteeing absolutely zero bleed-through. The cover is a luxurious, black vegan leather for a premium look and feel. Equipped with 240gsm thick, bright and waterproof pages, you can practice your charcoal techniques on one page and layer watercolors on the next without worrying about bleed-through. 

  • Size (inches): 8.1 x 9.8
  • 40 Perforated sheets
  • 200-micron thick paper (equivalent to 240gsm)
Calcium carbonate is one of the principal bases of superhydrophobic coatings. Which is a fancier way of saying that stone paper is completely waterproof. So your morning coffee can’t ruin your eureka moment, and the rain can’t steal your thunder.