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Perpetua Pencil

$ 10.00

Recycle while writing!  Perpetua is different from other pencils: it is made with a new technological and innovative material composed of 80% recycled graphite, a better pencil by approaching the design from a recycling point of view. Taking industrial graphite waste from electrode manufacturing, and processing it with a patented technique to reconstitute it into a harder solid material called Zantech.  Versatile, clean, non-toxic, sharpenable, shock resistant, able to write without a tip and capped with a food grade eraser.  One side of the pencil has a flat surface so does not roll away.

  • Measures 7.75" x .25"
  • 80% recycled graphite
  • HB lead is safe, non-toxic, sharpenable and shock resistant
  • Uses no wood casing but doesn't rub off on hands
  • Made in Italy