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Sealing Wax Sticks

$ 18.50

Find your signature color and make your mark. Each pack contains 6 sticks of high-quality sealing wax sticks in a hexagonal prism shape. Wax Stamps are is sold separately so you can pick your signature color and your favorite design.

Each pack will make around 36 seals. 

  • 1 inch seal 

How to use a wax seal

  1. Light the wick and with the burning end tilted toward your paper, allow a pool of wax to collect where you'd like your seal.
  2. When the pool of wax is almost the size of a quarter, press the stamp into the center of the pool (if it's hot out, it works best to chill the stamp a bit).
  3. Let the wax cool down for around 20 seconds, or until it has hardened. 
  4. Peel back the stamp and admire your handiwork!