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Want to make 2024 the year you stick to new habits?

Want to make 2024 the year you stick to new habits?

Habits are repeated behaviors that we perform unconsciously. You will have several habits that you don’t even notice as they have become so engrained in your everyday life. The good news is, with repetition, you can create new, more positive habits. Habits that bring you joy, fulfil ambitions, and move you closer towards your goals.

Start Small!

Embarking on the journey of forming new habits becomes more manageable when you start with modest goals. Instead of overwhelming yourself with grand expectations, consider the power of incremental changes. These smaller habits not only ease the transition but also make it more likely for you to incorporate them seamlessly into your daily routine.

Tie your habits together!

As you weave these habits into your life, it's beneficial to connect them with activities you already perform regularly. This not only streamlines the integration process but also taps into the familiarity of established routines. For instance, intertwine the practice of mindfulness with your daily toothbrushing ritual. By doing so, you effortlessly infuse a mindful moment into an activity that's already a part of your daily life.

Another effective approach is to link your new habit to a specific time or activity. Take, for example, dedicating 15 minutes to journaling during your morning coffee routine. This not only capitalizes on an existing part of your day but also provides a dedicated time slot for the cultivation of your desired habit. Through these strategic connections, you not only enhance the probability of habit formation but also create a harmony between your existing routines and your aspirations for personal growth.

Use a habit tracking journal.

Track your habits each day. Make a note of the habits you would like to achieve and watch your progress in the Habit Notes Journal. This little book will be by your side, helping you to dream up your goals, break them down into habits and track your habits over three months. 

Habit Notes is a twelve-week undated daily habit tracking journal.