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I seek out things for the shop that have interesting type and fonts.  Love the variety that can be found  in old school yearbooks, like this script on the cover of a Michigan State Yearbook (yes, it IS Michigan State, not U of M, with that wolverine cover) Here's a WW II era high school yearbook with great type and photos Love the letter M on these milk bottle tops! mmmmmmm....  We have some pretty complete vintage sign making kits at the shop right now.   I especially like the old school sets that include letters, words and pictures.  Teachers and students could make flashcards or even compose entire stories using these rubber stamps.  It's pretty unusual to find ones that still have most of the pieces.     Right now, we have 2 versions of the Classroom Printer. There's a lot you could write with all those letters and words! Interesting typography is all around, no?  We have an antique displayshelf for Sunshine Biscuits. Note the drop shadow on this logo.   I googled "typography" and got lost in the results....if you love typography, here's a link for a site called I Love Typography. Regards, Mary     .