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PRE-SALE FoolMoon UFO Shirts

$ 20.00
Grab your of-FOOL-cial 2023 FoolMoon UFO (unidentified foolish object) Tshirt designed by Nat Berry of We Draw Together. It glows in the dark, supports Assembli's FOOL-ish ways AND you get a $10 gift card to FOUND Gallery with each shirt you purchase! An intergalactic win for all! Shirts will be available for pick-up at FOUND Gallery starting Monday, April 3.

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Proceeds of all sales support WonderFool Productions, a local arts nonprofit building commUNITY through creativity and producing community-created events—FoolMoon, FestiFools, and ypsiGLOW.  Get the details at


Size           Chest
YS6/8       26-28
YM10/12  28-30
YXL18/20 32-35
AS            35-37
AM           38-40
AL            41-43
XL            44-46
XXL          47-49