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Cadence Candles

$ 34.00

Cadence Candles are made to bring about the joys in life from good smells, good sounds, and good vibes. The 9 oz, soy blended candles are hand-poured with music, feeling, and individuality in mind. Each candle scent is made with blended fragrances and is accompanied by a thoughtful, handcrafted music playlist to enlighten a particular mood and enhance the ambiance. Life is a feeling and healing process, and the energy you can produce through scent and sound is therapeutic. These candles are clean and free of parabens, phthalates, and toxic chemicals that are harmful to the air and environment

  • Focus + Thrive - Eucalyptus, Mint, Lemon Peel create a therapeutic and fresh ambiance.
  • Ascension - White tea, Bergamot and Thyme blend perfectly to create an earthy and calming aroma.
  • Better Days - Cardamom, rare oud wood, and woody patchouli blend together to create this desirable fragrance filled with whimsical wonder and passion
  • The Vibes - Warm floral fragrances of Almond Blossom, Amber, and Musk.
  • The World Is Yours - Cinnamon, Teakwood and Amber.