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Artists: Bo Shepard & Kyle Dubay / WOODWARD THROWBACKS

Fronted by Detroiters Bo Shepard and Kyle Dubay, Woodward Throwbacks is a passion project turned business as both a way to furnish their own apartments and to clean up the streets of their beloved Detroit. The company started on the backs of the bicycles that the two road around town searching for materials to be saved.

With a goal unlike many other maker-based companies in the Detroit, Woodward Throwbacks set out not just to be an underground industry, but to be a growing, mass-production company that could both help create numerous jobs for the people of Detroit - and help put to use the reclaimed materials from some of the 80,000 abandoned  houses within the city. With no interest in “cool” labels and no how-to manual for growing a manufacturing business to speak of, the Throwbacks crew did their best to create intricate wood creations that are functional, artistic and sustainable

Found carries Woodward Throwbacks’ magnetic poster hangers which, true to their intent, are a unique, repurposed way to re-energize any room, dorm or office. Not to mention, they’re an excellent way to add a little piece of Detroit to your space.