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Artist: Caroline Carter / GREAT LAKES ROCK SHOP

Growing up in Michigan, Caroline Carter always had a deep fondness for the Great Lakes, especially Lake Michigan.  Having spent time visiting friends in Frankfort, Michigan during her childhood, Caroline made some of her best memories on the beach. Whether body surfing or skipping stones, Caroline set out to put her beloved memories from the shores of the Great Lakes into the jewelry she creates for her Great Lakes Rock Shop.

For Caroline, finding beach glass or a particularly interesting rock was akin to finding buried treasure. When her dad gave her an old Dremel drill, Caroline’s love of these natural beauties took a new turn as she began crafting beach stones into intricate and delicate pieces of jewelry. Using the stones, wire, and even glass beads, Caroline has made a collection that FOUND is happy to carry.

At FOUND, you’ll find jewelry that makes it possible to carry a piece of the Great Lakes with you wherever you go!