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Cowboy Cool Copper Mug

$ 40.00

Skilled artisans have handcraft the polished copper mug to perfection. This solid copper mug keeps all your favorite drinks cold and refreshing! Used for Glasgow Mules or Moscow Mules, Beer Mugs, Iced Coffee, Iced Tea, or any Whiskey, Vodka, Rum, and Tequila Mixed Drinks.

The mug keeps cold drinks cold and even freezable. Leave in the freezer for a frosted mug effect and keep your drinks colder much longer.  Can be used for hot drinks with the extra big handle.  But was with any hot beverage use caution to not burn yourself while enjoying a hot beverage.  

Cowboy Cool or Glamping Chic, our design is a classic for mixed cocktails of drinks around the campfire. Sure, to become your favorite go to mug.

  •  3 ¼ inches tall, 3 ½ inch diameter
  • Preserve the beauty and luster. Handwash Only. Wipe clean with warm damp cloth and hand dry clean. NOT dishwasher safe and are NOT for Microwave use.