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Urban Fairy Door update from Kerrytown

fairy.door.close Perhaps you've noticed that Urban Fairies have built a little workshop and garage in front of FOUND in Kerrytown.  Or perhaps you've walked by dozens of times and never even seen it.  Close to the floor is this 3 or 4 inch high entry door to the space where Ann Arbor fairies come to work and play (in the wee hours of the night when the rest of the building is all locked up).  The latest evidence appeared last week when a fairy sized typewriter appeared. fairy.door.long Here's a closer look. fairy.door.typewriter And an even closer look. fairy.typewriter.small I wonder which fairy knows how to write... as I understand it, most fairies are illiterate.  But could this be the beginning of a story or a fairy poem?  Is it a to do today list?  Or a letter to a friend?  Or just banging on the keys and getting them all stuck...  The tiny type is too small for me to decipher. fairy.typewriter.back Do you know about the Washtenaw Wanderers Fairy Door Walk on Sunday, May 5th?  Join them at the Michigan Union Sunday morning - click here for details.  We'll have cookies at FOUND during the Fairy Walk.  Or you can find a map on the Official Urban Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor website that you can explore as your convenience. fairy.ufo Mentos and Vernors and...bubble gum?!! fairy.piano What kind of music do you think urban fairies prefer? Or do they just pound on the keys? (that keyboard looks a bit rough for a fairy real pianist.... We'll have to have an expert on urban fairies come to the shop for a Q and A before too long. .

NOTE : this fairy workshop disappeared when Found moved in August of 2015. Evidence of fairies can be found at their new location, downstairs by the Kerrytown Courtyard. 

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(Fairy) Door Prizes, cookies and last minute shopping

Thanks!  We REALLY appreciate that so many of you have been Thinking Local First when it comes to checking things off your lists!  It's been a bustling season - here's what we have planned for these last few shopping days:
Festive Friday with (Fairy) Door Prizes and cookies:  FOUND and our Kerrytown neighbors will beopen 'til 9:00 pm this Friday, December 21st for your holiday shopping convenience.  That evening, we'll have some homemade cookies, some special sales, AND (Fairy) Door Prizes!  Originally, we were just going to have regular door prizes, but since the Urban Fairies built a fairy door and their workshop right in our front window, we decided some "Fairy Door Prizes" would be better.  You might win the new Fairy Door poster (with FOUND's little Fairy Door on it) or a copy of the revised "Who's Behind the Fairy Door" book by Urban Fairyologist Jonathan Wright.  Stop by anytime Friday until 9 p.m. to register and to peak through the FOUND Fairy Door.  Maybe you'll even catch a fairy at work... We'll draw a winner at closing time Friday night.
Great gifts and holiday decor:  We do carry the Fairy Door posters and books now, as well as Ann Arbor Observed by Katherine Larson, Ann Arbor magnets for stocking stuffers, frames from Urban Ashes, Stories & Divinations journals, "fork" art, soy candle gift sets from Green Daffodil, Burlap Boutique stockings and Sarah Stanton jewelry. We got a new shipment of Ann Arbor coordinates pillows just in time for gift giving.  This week we have 20% off ribbons for gift wrapping and 20% off holiday pillows. Merry Multiples continues through the end of the month.  If you still need a little tree or a natural looking wreath, we have some really nice ones.  FOUND is a good place to come for instant decorating ideas, musical "crackers" for your table and fun little stocking stuffers.  We have a new style gift box for our Gift Cards.  As I write this, we still have chocolate-filled candy canes - but this weekend will be busy, so don't wait too long or they may all be gone...
Sing to us:  if you sing or hum a little holiday song this weekend (or recite a holiday poem if you don't sing), we'll give you 20% off any holiday merchandise.  If you can get others to join in, we'll up that discount! 
Friday, Dec. 21 - open 10 a.m. til 9:00 p.m.
Saturday, Dec. 22  -  9:00 a.m. til 6:00
Sunday, Dec. 23 - 10 a.m. til 6:00
Monday, Christmas eve - 10 a.m. til 3:00
Tuesday - Closed to Celebrate Christmas!
After Christmas
Wed, Thursday, Friday - 10-6.  Holiday clearance begins
Saturdays  9-6.    Sundays 11-5.  New Year's eve  10-3.  
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