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August Jewelry Sale at FOUND

During August we settle into a slower, more relaxed pace.  Seems like a good time to have a jewelry sale.  If you come to FOUND between now and the end of August, you'll find savings on all jewelry - and supplies to make your own, as well.
Take  25% off Coca-Cola bracelets. 10% off spoon rings. 
And 15% off ALL other jewelry through the end of the month.
Stop by while the selection is good and the parking is easy.
Here are a few of the MANY pieces that are in stock now:
Bracelets made with old postage stamps.  New batch of earrings and necklaces just in last week.
In addition to the zipper flower pins, we have earrings, necklaces and rings made from the metal teeth of old zippers!
Sarah Stanton's earrings are included in the sale - 15% off for this popular local favorite.
And a newcomer to our locally made jewelry - recycled tile pendants by Lisamarie Babik.  Love her use of color!
The popular spoon rings are 10% off for the rest of August.
There's always materials to make your own jewelry at FOUND!
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Go Jump in the Lake!

gojump.2 With the temperatures and humidity rising this week, I'd like to go jump in the lake!  I'll be doing that NEXT weekend, but in the meantime, these mugs and signs from a Georgia company called Go Jump in the Lake bring a grin to my face.  A new shipment came in last week - great for the cottage this summer.


We also have Great Lakes pillows - machine washable cover, with down insert.  Did you memorize the names of the Great Lakes by the H-O-M-E-S method, for Huron-Ontario-Michigan-Erie-Superior? Growing up in a landlocked area, I didn't learn this memory trick until I moved to Michigan - the state which borders most of the Great Lakes!  Which ones do not touch Michigan?  Google it if you're not sure. ski.frame.front We had a ski boat when I was a teenager - what fun!  I'd like to say a terrific water skier, but my best tricks were crossing the wake without falling and letting go of the tow rope with one hand long enough to wave at the people in the boat. Then I usually fell.  It was fun anyway. I know I showed you these frames made from water skis before - but I'm just fascinated by this clever upcycling - here's what the back looks like...the hardware and foothold hold the frame up! ski.back Enjoy these summer days.  And remember:  if you're lucky enough to live on the lake, you're lucky enough!   Continue reading

ArtWalk Ann Arbor. Friday June 21


ASM Artwalk Ann Arbor

We hope you can join FOUND for ArtWalk Ann Arbor in our neighborhood and  on Main Street this Friday!  Plan to make the Kerrytown area your first stop - there will be lots of special happenings between 5:00 and 8:00 June 21st:
  • Ann Arbor in Miniature Painting demo by Katherine Larson, along with Ann Arbor Observed book signing.  Original art & prints for sale at FOUND.
  • Urban Ashes "seconds" sale begins during artwalk and continues through Sunday at FOUND.  Locally made, eco-friendly frames at greatly reduced prices.
  • 6:30 Art Talk - The Urban Ashes Story, including Detroit DeNailed collaboration, as told by Urban Ashes founder Paul M. Hickman at Fustinis. 
  • Drawing for $50 gift card at FOUND!
  • Wood carving demo at 16 Hands with the Dusbibers.  Plus photographer Mari Pruks.
  • David Zinn chalk art and special Friday night version of Sunday Artisans Market outside in farmers market.
  • Live music by David Sharp.  Refreshments.  Tasty treats at Fustinis.  Wine tasting at everyday wines.
  • AAPS Art Exhibit and Reception in old Hollanders Upstairs space - with jazz performed by Community High Jazz Band members.​
  • Heavenly Metal on Ann Street will feature trunk shows by jewelry artists Arienne Zimmerman and Christine Schopieray.
  • METAL Design Studio & Gallery anchors the north end of the Kerrytown section of the Artwalk.  
  • Continue on to the Main Street venues: Selo/Shevel, Carol Roeda Studio, Clay Gallery, WSG gallery, Ann Arbor Art Center and Margaret Parker Studio.
Organized by Art Showcase Magazine, ArtWalk Ann Arbor is a self-guided walking tour of 10 area art galleries, studios & shops spanning from Kerrytown to Main Street.  Maps are available at each venue.  We're pleased to be a part of what sounds to us like a pretty wonderful way to start a perfect summer weekend in Ann Arbor!   . Continue reading

Katherine Larson painting demo at June 21 Artwalk Ann Arbor

Katherine-Larson-thumb-350x276-40399 We're gearing up for Artwalk Ann Arbor next Friday.  As a special treat, artist Katherine Larson will be set up with her easel, brushes and paints creating miniature scenes of Ann Arbor right in our hallway!  You may recognize Katherine's illustrations from her years of being one of the local artists who produced Ann Arbor Observer covers - last year she released a wonderful compilation of those covers in a lovely book called Ann Arbor Observed.  We carry this popular book at FOUND - during Artwalk, Katherine would be happy to autograph a copy for you. a2observed She is also the illustrator behind the "Ann Arbor and the Rest of the World" posters that are always best sellers at graduation time - the poster is based on an iconic New Yorker cover. Although Katherine will be working on miniature canvases during Artwalk, she's well known for creating large scale murals.  The latest mural was a series of panels for the new Whole Foods Market in Detroit.  Here's a link to a short video made during the creation of that mural:  Muralist Katherine Larson. Detroit Whole Foods.  It's fascinating to watch the progression from single panel to full mural installation on the huge brick wall of the new building. Larson.wholefoods.section   larson.wholefoods Katherine is also the graphic designer behind our FOUND ads and a personal friend. It's been a pleasure to get to know this multi-talented woman - not only has she written and illustrated numerous children's books, but she is also a trained opera singer, makes custom fairy houses, does fine art portraiture and plein air painting, creates Ann Arbor ornaments, presents school assemblies, builds props and generally just knows how to get things done.  On her website there are photos of other large scale murals and projects she's done.  On Friday, June 21 from 5-7 p.m., we hope you'll stop by FOUND to meet Katherine as she creates miniature scenes of Ann Arbor.  She'll also have limited edition prints of Observer covers for sale - the perfect size to fit in our Urban Ashes frames! ABOUT ARTWALK 2013: Artwalk Ann Arbor is a one evening event - from Kerrytown to Main Street - sponsored by Art Showcase Magazine and Ann Arbor State Bank.  Friday, June 21 from 5-9 p.m.  Most of the events in Kerrytown will be finished by 8 p.m.  In addition to Katherine's painting demo, we'll also sponsor an ArtTalk by Paul M. Hickman at 6:30 in Fustinis Oils & Vinegar Shop and the first ever Urban Ashes frames second sale at FOUND. Great locally made frames at a great discount!  16 Hands and Heavenly Metal will have demos and trunk shows.  There will be live music, refreshments, chalk art by David Zinn, wine tasting and more.  Stop by the Ann Arbor Public Schools art exhibit in the former Hollanders Kitchen space.  Details about this and the Main Street features can be found in the summer issue of Art Showcase.  Flap through this online version with 6 pages of Artwalk 2013 info or pick up a print version at FOUND! And don't forget to enter to win a $50 FOUND gift card on the evening of June 21st.  It could be an extra lucky night for you!   Continue reading

Here's to you, Dad!

father.banner.600 About 12 years ago, I scanned hundreds of  family photos onto "zip disks" - at the time, the latest, greatest thing to store large numbers of high res images onto.  Just over a decade later, I'm dismayed that I no longer have a means to access those images.  Of course, Mom still has all the originals, but as I was writing this post I had hoped to include a few of my favorite pictures of my dad.  Here are some photos I'd include if I had the files.  One of my absolute favorites is a 1960's photo of him wearing a white t-shirt stirring a huge copper caldron of apple butter in the back yard, surrounded by us little kids.  I'd also include photos of him dressed up at baptisms and parties - looking dapper in madman-era suit and tie.  And others in his overalls taking care of what needed to be done.  Still another favorite finds him wearing a yellow sport coat and raising a PBR on the deck of the lake house at one of the many huge family gatherings Mom and Dad would host each summer.  Whenever I go to the lake house, he is there in spirit. My father is always a part of me - I look in the mirror and see his face.  When I figure out smart ways of moving heavy things, I think of Dad.  When I see the Coke cooler in the shop, I think of Dad.  He reused what was available to serve a new purpose.  After I started FOUND, Dad loved hearing about ways my customers upcycled and reused things.  Ask me about the rusty locker basket story sometime.  I know I have a special talent for  fitting more in the back of my van than anyone would think possible - it runs in the family - from my paternal grandfather who knew exactly what space something would take up without needing to measure.  Dad and I can't quite claim Grandpa's ability but we definitely both got the spacial gene.  I also got the short legs/long torso genes from him, but never mind about that.  What really matters is that we strive to emulate the best qualities of those whose lives touch ours.  This Father's Day weekend, I'll be remembering and celebrating things about my dad that have made me a better person. (insert photo of Dad on porch at lake house here.... OR substitute more recent picture since I don't have that image file at this time) Here's to you, Dad!  Love you and miss you. lakehouse   Continue reading

Made in Michigan Monday: Urban Ashes & Detroit DeNailed frames

Detroit DeNailed frames The spirit of collaboration and thinking outside the box by the Urban Ashes Picture Frame Company is a Michigan success story!  As one of their first retail partners, we're pleased to be a small part of that story. Urban Ashes founder Paul M. Hickman will be presenting a FOUND Art Talk on Friday, June 21st at 6:30 p.m. during Artwalk Ann Arbor.  For this half hour Art Talk, Paul will share stories about working with municipalities, businesses and non-profit groups in an endeavor which creates jobs for transitional workers while keeping felled urban trees from being turned into mulch and firewood (or out of the landfills).  Paul will also talk about the latest collaboration with non-profit groups who are deconstructing Detroit homes scheduled for demolition.  His line of Detroit DeNailed frames are born from that effort. Providing work and sustainable products is what it's all about! The art talk will take place across the hall from FOUND at Fustini's Oils & Vinegars on the second floor of the Kerrytown Market & Shops.  Fusinis will be sampling hor'dourves made from their incredible products during the evening.  If you weren't already aware,  Artwalk Ann Arbor is a new one night event with about a dozen walkable venues from Kerrytown to Main Street.   detroit.denailed.frame CLEARANCE SAle. We have a great selection of made in Michigan Urban Ashes frames to choose from every day.  As a bonus on the weekend of Art Walk, we'll have even more - at reduced prices! As the company has evolved, Paul has amassed a good sized group of experimental, one-offs and "seconds" that will be available for sale at great discounts. Still pretty wonderful for your favorite photos, but don't go with what they are doing now, so they are being cleared out of the warehouse.  This special sale will begin at 5:00 June 21 - and end promptly at 5 p.m. Sunday, June 23.  Come Friday evening for the best selection! Here's the link if you'd like to follow Urban Ashes on Facebook. I'll be adding more info about what FOUND is doing for Art Walk in the next few days, but here are a couple tidbits - muralist Katherine Larson will be painting little scenes of Ann Arbor right in the shop from 5:00-7:00.  Our neighbors 16 Hands, Heavenly Metal and Metal, plus galleries on Main Street will have trunk shows or demos as well.  Food, wine, art, friends, good conversation all on a Friday night.  With time to head to Top of the Park afterwards.  Ann Arbor in the summertime, ahhh.... urbanashes1 Continue reading

Upcycled jewelry that really measures up!

bracelet.ruler Using vintage metal folding rulers to create unique bracelets and rings is a novel idea for upcycled jewelry.  Lightweight and eco-funky, these are a new favorite with our customers.  Made in Wisconsin - available at FOUND. Below are some other pieces by the same artist who uses old road signs, heavy aluminum restaurant trays and salvaged industrial metals.  Rings, bracelets AND these awesome money clips = great gift ideas! moneyclip Cuff bracelets with vintage Coca Cola tags on various recycled metal bases. bracelet.coke For some of the cuff bracelets, the artist used parts of old fire extinguishers.  All these have a very industrial look. bracelet.extinguisher     Continue reading

What's new at FOUND?

One of my favorite things about FOUND is the variety of merchandise that works with our concept of mixing old and new and handmade into one fun store.  This post features photos of some of our latest finds in each of those categories.  First up are these nutritional teaching aids from the late 1950's.  I love the vintage Fiesta style dishes.   Pick out your favorite food combos. Check out the nutritional stats on the back.  Interesting for recycled paper arts or just to hang on the fridge.  We have dozens available, but when they are gone, I don't know if I'll ever find them again. food.groups Here's a uique photo frame for the cottage - handcrafted from vintage water skis   The bindings are left on the back side to hold the frame upright.  How awesome is that for that photos at the lake? ski.frame.front   ski.frame.back If you're more into sailing than water skiing, then we have a couple vintage books with yachting instructions! book.yatch This toy lithographed tin blue & white tea set is in rough condition, but we still love it. bluewillow.childs I first saw these special little notebooks at Detroit Mercantile in the Eastern Market area.  Now we have them at FOUND, too (thanks,  Robert, for sharing your source).  Perfect for laying out your big ideas - and to note all the little steps to fulfill those schemes and dreams. notesbooks   notebook.plan Speaking of Detroit, Urban Ashes has a new "Detroit DeNailed" line of frames in which they collaborate with a non-profit group that deconstructs homes that were slated for demolition.  On Friday, June 21st at 6:30, come to Kerrytown to hear Paul M. Hickman tell the Urban Ashes story, including how Detroit DeNailed evolved.  The talk will be part of the first Art Showcase Art Walk Ann Arbor event.


If you have a dog, you might get a chuckle out of this magnet:

dog.magnet Here's a little vintage dog that you never need to let in and out. dog.guard dots.glasses Lots more to show you, but need to go.... more later!       Continue reading

Time to plant flowers

Frost earlier in the week - 80 degrees yesterday. And beautiful sunny skies this morning.  It's time to plant flowers this weekend! garden.before Below are some things we have in the shop this week that may give you a bit of inspiration.

A vintage salmon pink trowel!  This is the first one I've found.  Have some other nice sturdy green ones.  These old trowels don't bend when you dig into a bit of clay soil like a lot of the new ones.  And we have a few vintage McCoy pots.  I'll be out searching for more vintage pots and garden tools this weekend.


I picked up couple dozen of these rusty orange buckets at the Ann Arbor Antiques Market last month.  Not sure what they were originally used for but they have drainage holes in the bottom so they are perfect for annuals. buckets


Also took in a bunch of old fashioned bushel baskets this week - an inexpensive big planting container - just line it with garden cloth before adding dirt.  And how about using a mop pail to plant a big geranium?


Antique tool boxes are the right size to plop a couple of big pots of flowers in - or to use as a coffee table on the porch!  Bert's tool box is painted orange inside and has the original liner tray.



FOUND has some plant holders made with rulers.  These are manufactured, but we also have yardsticks for those who prefer DIY!


Enjoy these beautiful Spring days!

p.s.  the Ann Arbor Farmers Market had a wonderful selection of annuals and perennials yesterday.  check them out on Saturday or Wednesday...

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May flowers and Mother's Day

Right on cue, April showers turned to May flowers last week!   In this part of Michigan, it's too early to plant annuals, but flowering bulbs and perennials are alive with color.  Daffodils just finished blooming. The bleeding heart by my front walk is looking sweet in pink today.  And the fresh green of spring is everywhere. bleeding.heart Mother's Day is Sunday.  If you are still looking for a gift, a bud vase made right here in Ann Arbor from recycled silverware is just right for a special spring flower (or even a dandelion that the kids pick). SONY DSC We also have a fresh selection of  colorful flower pins, handcrafted from old zippers! zipper.pins.colors If Mom likes to garden, she might like this vintage gardening book. What about this vintage nursery chalkboard sign?  It would be fun to hang this near your garden or on a covered porch! flower.board The Ann Arbor Farmers Market will have lots of Mother's Day flowers this Saturday.  Once again this year, photographer Myra Klarman will be taking free portraits with mom in the outside market area Saturday morning from 10-noon.  Her lovely informal shots in the Farmers Market are always special.  The prints will be available for pickup in Kerrytown after May 25th. On Mother's Day, the Sunday Artisans Market has a wonderful lineup of artists and entertainment scheduled from 11 a.m. in the Farmer's Market area. FOUND is so fortunate to have this Artisan's Market on Sundays AND the Farmers Market on Saturdays and Wednesdays right outside our windows! We're thankful for Spring Flowers and for Moms!  Enjoy these beautiful Spring days.           Continue reading