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Cow Skull

Normally, I'm not drawn to taxidermy or antlers or skulls.  But then I saw this cow skull covered with cobwebs on the hayrack at a farm auction.  Georgia O'Keeffe came to mind. I bid. .steer.typewriter Now it's hanging a FOUND. .steer2 It reminds me of something you'd see at Anthropology on an indigo blue wall.  At the home decor shows, I've seen resin reproductions.  This is the real deal - choppers and all... .steer.choppers So there's another item in the category of you-never-know-what-you'll-find-at-found!   Continue reading

Bottelabra: ReUse those Wine Bottles!

Have you ever purchased a bottle of wine based on the label artwork?  Me, too. One of my recent favorites is called Educated Guess and the front is covered with scientific formulas.  The back describes how choosing a wine is an educated guess, as is making great wine. I bought it from a little wine shop is in our building - everyday wines - where the owner and staff are terrific.  Here's how good they are.  Not long ago, with salt & pepper potato chips and a turkey wrap from Sparrow Market in one hand, and a bottle of Merlot in the other, I asked whether that wine would go well with turkey and chips.  I was joking.  Sort of.  Without missing a beat, a different variety that would be a better pairing was recommended.  And a pleasant evening of restocking FOUND followed. bottleabra I bought my first bottle of Educated Guess  for the label.  The second because it's a really nice Cabernet.  It seemed a shame to toss the empty bottle into the recycling bin.  I've heard of people who soak the labels off and save them in an album or frame them, but that's not for me.  Too much work.   Here's an easy and fun way to reuse your favorite bottles: Turn it into a candle holder!  The Bottelabra (as in candelabra in a bottle) is a more refined version of the old college stick-a-drippy-candle-in-a-bottle method.  They are probably a little safer, too.  Two rubber rings around the base hold it securely in the bottle.  For outdoor use, you might want to fill the bottle with some water or pebbles for added stability. bottleabra.pkg.long Elegant enough for wedding receptions, and casual enough for the patio.  At just $12.50 each, they are great to give as a gift with a special bottle of wine.  They also work in antique bottles with similar size openings.  Bottelabras are in stock at FOUND.  If you'd like one shipped, call the shop at 734-302-3060 during business hours and we'd be happy to make that happen.  But you'll have to provide your own bottle of wine! bottleabra.all Continue reading

Touches of Spring at FOUND

springwreath Hope you're staying cozy during this winter that seems to never end.  This week we decided to bring Springtime to FOUND whether the weather cooperates or not.  It doesn't take a lot to bring some springtime into your home.  As we wait for the first crocus to pop out of the ground and the robins to return from southern climes, little touches go a long way.  Perhaps some colorful candles or a new bird or wreath with polka dot flowers... birds.metal bird.candleholder nest.frog Pretty blue eggs and vintage soft aqua blue bottles. bluebottles springdots.small New items are arriving daily.  Stop by while there is still snow on the ground and you can enter to win a $50 gift card and springtime goodie bag!  Just  guess what date the last of the snow will melt from Kerrytown and the Farmers  Market.   In case of tie, we'll do a random drawing of all the entries that guess the correct date.  (We're hoping to do a drawing later this month, but April snow is not unheard of in these parts, so watch email, blog or Facebook for contest winner). Join our email list for coupons and info about specials throughout the year.   Continue reading

Counting on a great year of fun finds!

billiards In the midst of the frigid blast of cold and snow that hit us earlier this month, we were busy counting  inventory and tidying up the shop after a very busy holiday season.  Though it's obvious that I love filling the store with wonderful Christmas merchandise, I'm always relieved to clear it out and start fresh.  As the store empties out, there's room to think about new displays.  Mixing things up is fun.  I love that being a "finder" is a big part of my job. Last weekend, I found these great old billiard scoring beads at an estate sale. Today, I'll be searching  for Valentines and other vintage treasures, then off to the trade shows later this week to see what fun new things I can find. In retail, the slow pace of January is a perfect transition time.  It's a month to look back over the past year, get everything in order and plan for a fresh new year.  Here's to a 2014 filled with pleasant surprises! Continue reading

Busy Elves at FOUND While we've been as busy as elves this past week getting all of our holiday merchandise into the shop, we've had some funny little elves to keep us company!  The woodland elf above is corralling a set of votive candle holders.  Perfect for tealights from our friends at Green Daffodil Soy Candles. For the past 6 years, we've hung an upside down tree from the ceiling at FOUND.  Of course there was an elf to help hang the tinsel from the branches. elf.tree Some of his buddies climbed ladders to help.  But my favorite has to be the elf that grabbed onto a sled flying off the ceiling - hair and beard and eyebrows blowing back in the wind... elf.redsled The biggest elf of all is Jolly Old Santa Claus himself.  This seven foot fellow is sitting at his workbench, doing what Santa does this time of year - getting the toys ready for good little boys and girls. santa.big We had fun putting together these fun display.  But that's only the beginning.  Watch the blog for more photos - or even better, stop by the shop and see for yourself! Our favorite photographer, Charlene Plagens, is also posting wonderful images on the FOUND  instagram page and we now have a pinterest page.  Check them out - she's adding more photos every week!   Continue reading

FOUND Holiday Calendar

  blog header deer Here is our schedule of special events for the holidays: November 4 & 5.  CLOSED while we work some holiday magic. November 6th.  9:00 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.  First look at FOUND's 2014 Collection! Friday, Nov. 8.  Holiday Kick off Party.  5:00-7:00 p.m.  Gift with purchase. Sunday, Nov. 17.  Kerrytown Open House.  20% off storewide + Merry Multiples! Closed for Thanksgiving. November 30.  Small Business Saturday specials. Friday, Dec. 6.  Midnight MADNESS!  Sales ALL day until midnight. Dec. 13, 20.  Festive Fridays - open til 9:00 p.m.   Continue reading

Getting vintage things ready for holiday displays

orns.table When you mix old and new and handmade the way we do at FOUND, figuring out how to fit it all into the shop and not have it look like a big messy mess is tricky.  Especially during the holidays!  Right now the big messy mess is where I live.  My home has become preparation central this week as the final push to clean and price the fun vintage finds that will be incorporated into our holiday displays goes into high gear. Seasonal merchandise from our vendors and artists starting arriving a couple months ago.  We have that stowed away boxes at my house and in my son's basement.  Now it's time to get the vintage things ready.  Decided to give you a sneak peak with photos. Above is what's on my kitchen table today.  And below is my dining room table.  I generally try to keep both kitchen and dining room tables for their intended purpose.  But not this week... orns.dining The breakfast bar is filled with vintage silver.  It'll be great with the antique mercury glass I found.  And the wonderful new platinum trees and ornaments in natural colors.  And of course, all the wonderful candles and holiday decor that we will put out. silver Even the ledge by my stairway is filled with Christmas to come, like these 2 unused rolls of cotton batting "snow". ledge Most of the action has been taking place in my garage. It's filled with display pieces that I picked up at an antique shows over the last couple months. Things have been pretty crazy as I scurry to get everything cleaned and priced to incorporate into displays.  Earlier this week, I spent half a day Briwaxing seven vintage sleds, a green stool, 2 1930's tricycle, a tripod, 2 old crates and a surveyors tripod. garage.trikes Today, the weather was wonderful, so I pulled the truck up in the drive, loaded a junky old porch swing on the tailgate and worked some magic on that peeling paint and crumbling wood. swing.truck This swing will be hanging high in the store, filled with packages and other goodies by this time next week. Lots of elbow grease, brushes, rags and heavy duty gloves are my helpers. gloves. I still need to clean out a cubby desktop cabinet, use the chalkboard paint on some shelves, clean and do something about Santa's workbench (which has been in the back of my van for over a week).  But that's on tomorrow's list. Remember, we'll be closed Monday and Tuesday (November 4, 5).  Can't wait to show you how these vintage pieces accentuate all the other wonderful things in our holiday collection this year! sleds Continue reading

It's Pumpkin time!

candles.rings The colors and smells of autumn are in the air.  Crisp apples and cider, pumpkins, gourds and squash of every type are in abundance at the Farmers Market outside our window in Kerrytown.  And our friends at Green Daffodil Candleworks have been cooking up the best smelling pumpkin candles in the state!


Anne needed to drop off a second batch last Saturday, so we're well stocked again.  We have plenty of  these tealight size pumpkin candles that are just perfect to set inside your Jack-o-lantern on Halloween night! If you have some special little Trick-or-Treaters that you give an extra somein'-something to, we have a some adorable little boxes with vintage themed images on the outside.  And a few jack-o-lantern boxes left, too. treatboxes2 I'm really enjoying all the fun, creative costume ideas on Pinterest.  When we were in college, my roomate and I made giant paper mache heads one year, and I loved dressing my kids up on Halloween (and helping them eat their candy...).  Don't need to make any costumes for children lately, but I'm looking forward to seeing what the neighborhood kids dress up this year! Continue reading

Annual October "Old Stuff" Sale at FOUND


 If you are on our email list, follow FOUND on Facebook or have been in the shop this month, you know about our "Old Stuff" sale already.  It's that time of year when all vintage and antique merchandise is 20% off.  Throughout October we clear as much of the vintage as possible to make room for the November switch0ver to the holidays.  I had a chance to go to some great sales in August and September so we started the month with fresh vintage merchandise.  Above are some tags that were intended to be attached to a cows ear.  Never used, but nicely rusted around the edges. Found them at The 3rd Sunday Market in Bloomington, Illinois.  Might be fun to use in jewelry or collage. dollheads I found over a hundred pairs of vintage sleepeye sets of doll eyeballs at the Alameda Antiques Market when I was in San Francisco in August.  The counterweight mechanism and piece that would attach into the nose makes it so they stand upright. Reminds me of something out of A Bugs Life or Toy Story.  Fun to have on a shelf or play with. eyeballs At the Allegan, Michigan antique show, I found a huge lot of drawer pulls.  Only have about 8 left, but they would be wonderful on kitchen cabinets. handles   album Like old photographs?  I added lots of new snapshots to the fifty cent box this week.  And we have hundreds of loose cabinet cards and this wonderful old album filled with antique photographs.  I also bought a collection of over 250 postcards, mostly addressed to young Nellie Jones.  Some of my favorite Halloween postcards sold already, but the rests are all at FOUND now. pcWitch Remember - if it's old - it's on sale this month at FOUND!     Continue reading

Vintage Cracker Jack Prizes

.cracker.jacks A toy surprise in every box!  Though the caramel coated popcorn and peanut treat was first introduced at the 1893 Colombian Exhibition World's Fair in Chicago in 1893, the name Cracker Jacks wasn't trademarked until several years later.  And it wasn't until 1912 that the infamous prizes began to be found in every box.  Early prizes such as baseball cards and metal toys are highly collectible today.  Today the brand is owned by Frito Lay and the prizes are not that exciting - with stickers and temporary tattoos being the most frequent surprise. Do you remember the excitement of  scarfing down the contents of the Cracker Jack box as a kid to get to the secret PRIZE at the bottom?  I don't actually remember the prizes, but the anticipation of some tiny terrific treasure that the box might hold made me want to save up my coins and take them to Della's store on Front Street to buy a box. Recently, I found a fun stack of vintage unopened Cracker Jack prizes in an antique show booth.  Can you guess what's inside? the package asks. Actually, though I wouldn't mind having some fresh Cracker Jacks to munch on right now,  I'm more charmed by the vintage packaging for the prize than by the prizes themselves.  The little envelopes feature jokes and riddles on the outside.  These nostalgic graphics and typography would lend themselves well for scrapbooking or altered art projects.  We have about 2 dozen vintage prizes in the shop right now.  The candy boxes (and the tasty treats) are long gone, but the memories that these prize packages bring back are delicious. So, can you guess what's inside?         Continue reading