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FORESHADOWING with Photographer Jane Kramer

Botanical Art Show through March 19th

Found is pleased to present a fascinating collection of botanical art by Michigan photographer Jane Kramer. For her "Foreshadowing" project, Jane photographs the shadows of endangered plant species and transfers the images onto paper she makes from invasive plant species... Read more.

New thIS week: Vintage China Dishes

There are some fresh vintage china pieces at FOUND this week. This sweet child's tea set features a different playful illustration on each piece. There are also a half dozen Austrian fish plates with transfer designs....What we have at the shop changes all the time, so if you see something in these photos that you're interested in, stop by soon or call for details.

First workshops at new FOUND!

Last Sunday, three sessions of makers gathered around the back counter at FOUND. We were overwhelmed by the response to our first workshop - what started as one session of 10 people turned into 3 sessions that afternoon, making Valentine necklaces, while learning to stamp on metal charms. This is just the first of many mini workshops and demonstrations that you can expect during 2016!....

found: an unexpected collection

camera cufflinks

Found: an unexpected collection. That pretty much sums up what our shop is about. You never know what you'll find. Or how common things will be re-imagined as something entirely unexpected.

We have a selection of old cameras as FOUND. Imagine how happy we were to find someone making cuff links from recycled film cans, and using film canisters as packaging. read more...